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Paintings & Poetry From Wallowa Country

Poems by 
Dustin Lyons

Paintings by
Leah Svendsen

Passage: Paintings and Poetry from Wallowa Country is a collaborative creative reflection on living in and being a part of the mountains, valleys, forests, and canyons of Northeast Oregon. Through Leah Svendsen’s hypnotic, encaustic landscapes and the delicious rhythmic verse of Dustin Lyons, readers are invited to immerse themselves into the beauty, the challenges, and rewards of inhabiting this landscape.  Passage is more than just a collection of art and words; Svendsen’s paintings dream with Lyons’ warm lyricism, complementing each other into a greater meditation on a place where every tree holds a story and every breeze whispers of ancient truths.” 
   - Mike Midlo, Fishtrap Program Director

“To commit to paper or canvas the relationship one has with the natural world is a vulnerable and sacred endeavor. The intersection of all our senses, physical, emotional, and spiritual, braided into those same characteristics of this landscape we get to live in. This is ‘sense of place’, and expressing that is no easy task. Knowing these two artists and their individual relationships with Wallowa country, it is a treasure to have it shared with us all in this way. Thank you for your offering Leah and Dustin.”
   - Willie Sloop, fellow forest critter


Books are available at Element or place your order for direct shipping

Passage: Paintings & Poetry From Wallowa Country can be ordered direct from the printing house. They are printed on demand so please allow 10 to 14 business days for printing and shipping time.

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