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Energy Services

You may be wondering... How does energy work tie into a home decor and art shop?  We see energy work as improving your internal atmosphere, where art and home decor improve the atmosphere in your home, your external environment. Both support your well-being but in very different ways.


See below for the services offered by Leah. These services or devices can support you in various ways on your journey of personal growth and healing. If you're curious or have more questions, reach out or stop by to chat about it. Keep scrolling for the package deals.


Elevate  $375

Release thoughts/feelings/emotions with a Bars session. Follow this up with two Emotion Code sessions. During these sessions we can release around 20 trapped emotions or work on clearing your heart-wall. Save $75 when purchasing the package. 

Let's hop on a brief call to discuss and choose the package that's right for you.

Expand $775

Like the Elevate package, we'll be using Bars and Emotion Code but with this package you'll get 2 Bars sessions and 4 Emotion Code sessions AND Healy frequencies will be applied for all sessions.  Save over $100 when purchasing this as a package. PLUS, if you decide by the end of your package schedule to purchase a Healy device, you'll receive a Free Healy coil (to make your device wireless), gift valued at $224.

Book a consult below to explore the options.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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